Wales Virtual Institute of Sport Health & Exercise Sciences

How to Join The Virtual Institute:

Membership of 'The Virtual Institute' is free to any academic in Wales with a research interest in one of its subject areas. The normal membership criteria are that members must hold a current post at a Welsh Higher Education Institution (HEI), or have held one within the last 5 years, or be a registered student at an HEI in Wales. Postgraduate students are particularly encouraged to join.

However, we are also keen to encourage academics from HEIs outside Wales to join if they have clear links with the Principality (e.g. they are Welsh but working abroad, or they may be working with academics in Welsh HEIs). If you are in doubt about your eligibility to join, please contact a member of the the management board who will advise you.

Join Now!

If you would like, to join complete the registration form and get involved in discussions.

Once you have joined, your membership eligibility will be checked and confirmed by your local representative, and you will have access to the member's site as well as the public site.

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