Wales Virtual Institute of Sport Health & Exercise Sciences

The Advisory Board is Chaired by Dr. Andrew Lemmey,
Senior Lecturer in Exercise Physiology, School of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences, UW Bangor.

The total membership of the 'The Virtual Institute' Advisory Board is as follows:

Cardiff University:

Dr Nicola Phillips (Local Representative)

Senior Lecturer, Cardiff University.

Professor Mike Benjamin (Local Representative)

Professor of Musculoskeletal Biology and Sports Medicine Research, Cardiff University.

Professor John Cockcroft

Professor of Cardiology. Honorary consultant at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff University.

Professor Søren Holm

Professorial Fellow in Bioethics, Cardiff University.

Professor Steve Tomlinson

Provost, Wales College of Medicine, Biology, Life & Health Sciences and Deputy Vice-Chancellor

North East Wales Institute of Higher Education (NEWI):

Dr Duncan Mascarenhas (Local Representative)

North East Wales Institute of Higher Education

Sports Council for Wales (SCW):

Dr Rachel Hughes (Local Representative)

Sports Council for Wales

Swansea Institute of Higher Education (SIHE):

Dr Karl New (Local Representative)

Lecturer, Swansea Inst.

Trinity College, Carmarthen (TCC):

Mr David Gardner (Local Representative)

Trinity College Carmarthen.

University of Glamorgan:

Dr Julien Baker (Local Representative)

Reader, University Glamorgan.

Professor Bruce Davies

Field Chair - Health and Exercise Science, University Glamorgan.

University of Wales Institute Cardiff (UWIC):

Dr Richard Tong (Local Representative)

Director of Learning and Teaching in the School of Sport, UWIC.

Dr Karianne Backx

Lecturer, UWIC

Dr Lynne Evans

Course Directer: MSc Coaching Science, UWIC.

Professor John Fairclough

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, UWIC.

Professor David Kerwin

Professor of Biomechanics, UWIC.

University of Wales, Aberystwyth (UWA):

Dr Mark Burnley (Local Representative)

Lecturer, UW Aberystwyth.

Dr Jo Thatcher

Lecturer, UW Aberystwyth.

University of Wales, Bangor (UWB):

Professor Lew Hardy (Local Representative)

Professor, Research Co-ordinator and Head of School, UW Bangor.

Dr Jeremy Jones

Senior Clinical Lecturer, UW Bangor.

Dr Samuele Marcora

Lecturer in Exercise Physiology, UW Bangor.

Dr David Markland

Senior Lecturer, UW Bangor.

Dr Tim Woodman

University of Wales, Bangor

University of Wales, Newport (UWN):

Dr Tom Carter (Local Representative)

Research co-ordinator and Senior Lecturer in Leisure & Sociology, School of Health and Social Sciences, University of Wales, Newport.

University of Wales, Swansea (UWS):

Dr Liam Kilduff (Local Representative)

Lecturer in Exercise Physiology & Sports Nutrition, UW Swansea.

Dr Mike McNamee

Senior Lecturer, UW Swansea.

Dr Stephen Mellalieu

Lecturer, UW Swansea.