Wales Virtual Institute of Sport Health & Exercise Sciences

University of Glamorgan (Uni Glam):

Uni Glam was established in 1992, has approximately 19,000 students and is based on a single 40 acre campus at Treforest 20 minutes drive away from Cardiff.

Several members of 'The Virtual Institute' are based in the 'The faculty of Health, Sport and Science' and work in its 'Health and Exercise Science Research Unit'. The major current areas of research are the impact of nutrition and exercise on chronic diseases (e.g. chronic heart disease, type II diabetes and obesity), the relationship between endothelial function and hypertension; ESR detection of oxygen radicals and their physiological influences on diseases following hypoxia and high-intensity exercise; specific resistance training of the respiratory muscles associated with ventilation; physiological assessment of the hormonal status of elite athletes and its influences on performance.

Local Representative:

Dr Julien Baker


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