Wales Virtual Institute of Sport Health & Exercise Sciences

Welcome To The Virtual Institute!!

The establishment of the Wales 'Virtual Institute' of Sport, Health and Exercise Sciences was 'pump-primed' by the generosity of Cardiff University, but most other Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in Wales with an interest in its subject area have already confirmed their support for it together with the Sports Council for Wales.

The initial impetus for establishing 'The Virtual Institute' came from the widespread interest shown throughout the Principality for an 'all Wales' conference held at Cardiff University on 22nd July 2004, that covered the subject areas inherent in the title. The meeting clearly demonstrated that there is enormous expertise among the HEIs in Wales that bears not only on sport and exercise, but also on the lifestyle and health of the entire nation.

'The Virtual Institute' thus forms part of a direct response by the HEIs to the Welsh Assembly Government's 'Health Challenge Wales' initiative. The latter is a commitment to improving the lifestyle, health and physical fitness of the nation.

So What Are the Benefits of Joining 'The Virtual Institute'?

The benefits of being a member include:

  • Being part of a national research community throughout Wales which will make communication, cooperation and collaboration easier.
  • For postgraduate students, the opportunity to get advice and feedback from experienced academics throughout Wales. This may be particularly useful if you are part of a small community of postgraduate students working in your subject area locally.
  • The opportunity to view and contribute to discussion forums in your subject area. If you have a research problem on which you would feedback, you can post it on the site .
  • Instantly view and search biographies and subject area expertise of academics throughout the Principality working in sport, health or exercise science. Are you looking for a guest lecturer or an examiner? - the 'members profile' facility in 'The Virtual Institute' should help you.
  • Find out details of all institutions at which its members are based.
  • Access to a comprehensive list of links to related sites.
  • Find out about current opportunities for grants, contract work and/or jobs. 'The Virtual Institute' provides a single 'entry point' for numerous bodies and organisations looking for a specific input from a researcher in Wales.
  • Keep abreast of news and events of what is happening in higher education institutions throughout Wales.

How to Join The Virtual Institute:

Interested? Find out how to join 'The Virtual Institute'.