Wales Virtual Institute of Sport Health & Exercise Sciences

Submitting or Adding Material to 'The Virtual Institute':

Ordinary Articles:

If you wish to publish an article on any aspect of sport, health or exercise science research, you should submit your article to the chair of the advisory board ( Andrew Lemmey). Articles may be of any length and authors are entirely responsible for the content. Publication of an article does not imply that it is endorsed by 'The Virtual Institute' as a collective body

Position Statements:

It is envisaged that the advisory board of 'The Virtual Institute' may (as a collective body), publish 'position statements' on matters of general public interest that carry the approval of the advisory and management boards of 'The Virtual Institute' as a whole. If you have a suggestion for such an article, please submit a draft to the chair of the advisory board ( Andrew Lemmey).

Links to Other Websites:

Any suggestions for links to other websites should be submitted to your ' local representative' who will verify that they are active and that the content is appropriate to 'The Virtual Institute'. The ' local representative' then has the authority to add them directly to the website.

News and Events:

Any local news that you feel may also be of interest to the wider community in Wales (e.g. significant achievements of members of 'The Virtual Institute', local development plans, seminars etc) can be added directly to the website by your ' local representative'.

Institutional Profiles:

Amendments to institutional profiles can be made directly by the ' local representative' without further consultation.

Member's Profiles:

Members can modify their personal profiles directly and at any time, without further consultation.

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